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Your Organization’s Voice Should Be at the Table

Role of Voting Members

Voting members are representatives of structured organizations or initiatives that have a defined mission and clear alignment with CCAGV goals that agree to adhere to the CCAGV confidentiality code and commit to the following responsibilities: 

1. Attendance at 75% of meetings by a designated representative or alternate who is empowered to commit to actions inform decisions, and seek organizational/initiative endorsement of CCAGV collective actions, communications or legislative platforms. 

2. Capacity to distribute promotional information to organizational membership for any Coalition- endorsed activities. 

3. Ability to support implementation of Coalition-endorsed activities on a regular basis (through follow through on specific action items). 

4. Providing relevant, current information on activities and platforms of their organizations to other CCAGV members and individuals.  

Role of Non-Voting Members

Non-voting members are individuals who do not represent a specific organization or initiative, or who participate on behalf of organizations/ initiatives who cannot formally commit to aligning with Member-Approved actions and platforms, who are concerned about gun violence prevention, adhere to the CCAGV confidentiality code and agree to the following responsibilities: 

1. Attend meetings regularly. 

2. Actively engage in dialogue regarding Coalition actions. 

3. Provide timely updates of their individuals or organization or initiative’s activities. 

4. Provide assistance as appropriate; and, if desired, be listed when they play an active role in an event or activity, or support a position.